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Silked Screened Debauchery

I can design them

leftover meatloaf
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say no to bruises

i like to read vice
ambulance songs, american werewolf in london, arteries, avoiding bruises, best buy sales, birkoff!, blueberry, christian death, christopher lee luaus, closer marathons, collecting ticket-stubs, double decker buses, edith piaf, fire and ice nights, fizzies, frank zaaaaaaaaaapa, gillian anderson, half-priced clothing, humming, hunting photos, in her dark places, jeeeee't, making treats, matthew ferguson being gay, metal hurlent, michel polnareff, more shows, mud, obscure rhythm&blues, paralisis permanente, pe-a quaife, richard corben, saying monkey, shark anatomy, shark attacks, shark breeds, shark eyes, shark fins, shark heads, shark jaws, shark socks, shark soup, shark teeth, sharks, sighs, squid-men, squid-women, squids, target clearance, titus andronicus, und...horrors, virgin prunes, vv sales, warren zevon stages, watching soulwax's e talking, wizards wednesdays